Huffington Post,"the Italian strategy"

Il testo in Italiano

Storify/1:, monitoring the Net

Storify/2: Huffington Post, the greater absent at the IJF 2012


Introduction: I'm not a stalker. I write this for those who do not know me and my work. It means millions of people :-)


It all started buying a domain absolutely free: I made a redirect to a page titled "Letter to Arianna Huffington", that I published on my personal website


Then I started an Ad words campaign on Google and another on Facebook, spending about 300 Euro, to reach a target that would be interested about the launch of the Huff Post Italian version. I considered that mainly the ones who are in charge of the international branding of the HP should be included in that target, both American and, above all, Italians which are taking care of the landing in Italy.


To date, I have not received direct contact from anyone from Huffington Post nor does the Gruppo Espresso.


Everything I’ve done, from my point of view, is just to verify if there is a control of hoe the brand on the Net is used, exploited and even usurped (see my purchase of the domain with the name of Arianna Huffington with the extension IT), hoping that somebody will appreciate this.

I do believe that  the starting point of any project is to understand the market and then decide the direction. Any evaluation should start from the online reputation of the brand and the sentiment of the Net, the foundamental consideration of the online conversations, the positioning in search engines and so on.

This should be simply the frame and inside it, somebody will then begin to paint the fate of the Italian version of Huffington Post in the “Belpaese”.

Another important observation is a message to my collegues: journalist and content editor. Are you sure you are part of the Net? Did you ever made a complete online research about Arianna Huffington in Italy in the last 4 weeks? You would discover easily, using just only Google, what I have done and you can not deny that this is a news. No way, the normal attitude of everybody is to retweet articles and share news already written by somebody else.

In the end, however, I just hope that I contribute somehow to a test of how begins the path in Italy for Huffington Post. And the last message, once again, is to Arianna: ready to give you the domain that naturally belongs to you. Contact me, it's simply yours.