Arianna Huffington, ask me!
Huffington Post is coming to Italy.

I'm sure that before taking this step, the best consultants in the group have done the best analysis of the case, finding a market similar to the golden age in the United States.

The virtual and the real situation of this country, however, is that we are good at digging, but what is difficult is to uncover the skills and ideas.

I know they are going to prepare Italian selections. I know there will be the usual round of  "old friends" suggestions to who has been entrusted of the choice.

Dear Arianna, here is my suggestion, directly to you: ask me what I would do for the Italian Hp. Do not rely on old diggers, it's time to look skyward and not toward the excavations that have undermined the foundations of the Italian web information.

Arianna ask me if we are ready.

All my best and... "ciao" from Italy.